Who we are

What’s in a name?

Well, in our case, just about everything. Ditto is close to our heart as a name that encapsulates what we’re all about.

Our focus is on capturing human knowledge and recreating human expertise perfectly. So you can be sure that any advice or recommendations you give are complete, consistent and correct every single time. Its associations with accuracy, replication and simplifying complexity mean that Ditto embodies our very essence.


Why it matters

The edge of change

We’re a dynamic, innovative company at the leading edge of the fourth industrial revolution. Pioneering and integrating new technologies, we're developing trustworthy AI for a responsible future. A future where traditional knowledge-based sectors will become increasingly automated. Where businesses will seek to engage and transact with their customers in new ways. A near future where Artificial Intelligence could well hold sway.

As with any disruptive innovation, there will be challenges and preconceptions to overcome along the way. But if AI is managed responsibly – and with a safe pair of hands such as ours at the helm – we can all ditto that vision, can’t we?

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Is it time for a new approach to your business?

Times are changing, and with customers wanting more and more out of your services it could be time to think about future-proofing your business. 
AI can open the door to so many new and exciting opportunities for your product or service delivery. It doesn’t need to be intimidating if you work with a 3rd party with the expertise and passion to support you. 
We’ve put together a helpful guide to answer some of the bigger questions about implementing an AI first business strategy. 

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Our team

Rick Turner
Shefaly Yogendra PhD
Daniel Botterill
Ian Armitage
Alan Aubrey
Heather Jackson
Liz Vaughan-Adams
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What our customers say

The results of Ditto's ‘proof-of-concept’ demonstrator have been very encouraging. It has shown that in only 20 hours of a Tax Expert’s time significant expertise can be captured, built into a knowledge base and made available for consultation by less qualified Tax staff.

- RH, Director, Inland Revenue.

61 percent of businesses have already implemented AI in their strategy. Want to know why?

AI sits at the heart of future business development. It is already an integral part of how we live our daily lives. AI will only become more embedded into the fabric of our choices, actions and responses. How can you be involved?