Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly –

they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.

Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

A brave new world

Much has been talked and written about Artificial Intelligence. That’s because it is already touching all aspects of everyday life. And because its potential impact as a force for good, to change our world and the way we interact with it, is limitless. But some concerns have also been voiced. Particularly over so-called ‘black box’ machine learning, where decisions are made that affect lives but are not open to scrutiny or challenge.

So what’s the solution for enterprises which recognise the potential of AI but also the pitfalls? For those seeking to harness AI to unleash the full value of their human expertise; yet, at the same time, are fiercely determined to protect the quality of advice and service they offer?

When your reputation’s on the line, you need Ditto.

At Ditto we very much embrace the brave new world, and we’re committed to helping our customers take advantage of it. But we’re also mindful of the consequences and determined things should always be transparent.

It’s the driving philosophy behind our business. And the reason why we’ve developed a patented AI platform technology that does things differently from our ‘black box’ competitors. We call it know-how to achieve more.




Our combination of knowledge capture domain modelling and interrogation capabilities sets us apart.



No matter how complex or vast your know-how is, our proprietary technology will handle it.



You’ll always know how a particular decision or recommendation was arrived at, with a complete audit trail for every outcome.



We capture your human know-how precisely and safeguard its integrity.



Open architecture that seamlessly integrates with internal and external data sources.

Fast, accurate, integrated and with an in-built audit trail.
That’s Ditto’s plain speaking promise to you.

Ditto’s best-in-class technology brings you the best of all worlds.

  • Our proprietary methodology leads the market in its speed, efficiency and accuracy of capturing and representing human knowledge.
  • Through our open architecture we can seamlessly integrate all your internal and external data sources – no matter what their scale or how complex or diverse they are.
  • We also pack in – as standard – accountability and auditability for every decision or recommendation you make.

We accelerate the speed of knowledge capture by an estimated magnitude of up to 100x. To put that in context, we can mindmap in an average of just 1 hour of personal time, each year of professional expertise.

We can also manage even the most involved and complicated of scenarios. Where you have complex documentation, our technology can convert it into bite-size intelligence modules at speeds as much as twice that of human reading.

Our build of knowledge sets and platforms to interrogate them is equally impressive. Naturally, we ensure compatibility with conventional data platforms and with other AI data systems. What’s more, because we assimilate and build knowledge bases and interfaces simultaneously, we can bring solutions on stream virtually at the switch of a button.

But it’s not just ‘what’ we do but ‘how’ we do it that sets us apart. In an increasingly regulated world – where justifying decisions is paramount – arguably the asset most valued by our customers is the decision-making rationale and recording function that’s effectively in-built.

By automating domains via self-accounting decisioning modules, you can relax knowing that you will always have an answer to why, how and when – with an audit trail to support every decision. What’s more we output everything in plain English. So when your customers press the button, you know they’re getting the best advice. And you can be confident that your integrity is safeguarded.