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Precision in the world of AI development

Does precision matter in the world of AI development?

The world of AI has developed to the point where – in some areas – AI is able to outpace human capabilities. However,...

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AI at work world of AI precision


The future of AI: Q&A with Tata Consultancy

We consider ourselves innovators and disruptors in the AI industry. We look to collaborate and partner with other...

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AI at work Machine Learning Deep Learning


Doing business in 2030: what you need to know about the future of AI

In the summer of 1956, in the sleepy town of Hanover in New Hampshire, the founding fathers of artificial intelligence...

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Explainable AI Future of AI

deep learning vs machine learning

What's the difference between deep learning and machine learning?

‘Deep learning [is] the rocket fuel of the current AI boom.’

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Explainable AI AI at work Machine Learning Deep Learning

Ai for good featured image

How to use AI for good within your business (and make a profit)

Responsible AI is coming and, like governance and green vegetables, it’s good for you – and for your business.

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Accountability Explainable AI environmental AI

AI automation for customer retention

How to use AI automation to improve customer retention and satisfaction

'Yesterday was history, who knows what there is gonna be when we meet again?Will you smile and tell the world about me? ...

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Automation AI at work

Systemise AI Use

AI rules: How to systemise the use of Artificial Intelligence at work

‘…organisations enabling AI at the enterprise level are increasing operational efficiency, making faster, more informed...

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XAI Systemise Automation AI at work

Myths about AI - man in a cave

Debunking 8 myths about Artificial Intelligence. Should we be afraid?

At Ditto, we believe in responsible, explainable AI. But, time and time again we find ourselves debunking misconceptions...

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Accountability Explainable AI

Black box AI vs explainable ai

The death of black box AI: Why we need to focus on Explainable AI instead

Automated decision-making has received a lot of bad press in recent years, mostly because people don't trust the...

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Explainable AI Black box AI

Can AI explain itself?

Can AI explain itself?

The best decision we might ever make in business is to let artificial intelligence make our decisions. But, without the...

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Explainable AI Black box AI Future of AI

6 business benefits of AI

6 business benefits of AIArtificial intelligence is quickly becoming common within the workplace. In fact, 71 percent of businesses have developed an innovation strategy to push investment in the technology.

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