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6 amazing business AI apps and tools you can use today

Posted by Ditto on Jan 8, 2020 10:55:00 AM

According to Fortune Global 500 company, Accenture, AI will boost profitability by 38 percent and generate US$14 trillion of additional revenue by 2035.

This isn’t news to us. We already know that AI solutions have great potential. We know that the right AI tools can improve things like customer retention and operational efficiency. And we definitely know that AI can be used to benefit profitability.

While the benefits of deploying AI solutions are massive, many of us struggle to know what tools to look for.

Here are Ditto’s pick of the top 6 AI apps and tools that you can begin using in your business, today.


1. AnswerRocket

According to McKinsey, 20 percent of C-suite executives across the globe report that they are using artificial intelligence as a core part of their business.

If any AI tool becomes a part of your core business, it should be AnswerRocket. This analytics solution (and mobile app) uses AI and machine learning to deliver in-depth business insights that helps you benchmark against competitors.


2. Acquisio

Do you perform digital advertising across multiple channels? Do you struggle to keep up with the optimisation of your bids? Well, that’s what Acquisio can solve.

Their AI serves agencies across the globe to help them launch and manage search, social and display advertising campaigns. It uses machine learning to increase click-through rates and decrease cost-per-click, saving your business money.


3. Ditto (obviously)

If you manage a business where your AI solutions need to make ethical, accountable decisions, then Ditto is the way to go.

Our technologies give you the assurance that any decision made by a machine is complete, consistent and correct, every single time. Whether you’re integrating diagnostics applications at a health facility, or you manage a bank that uses AI technologies to make mortgage decisions, we make sure you can understand the reasoning of any decision provided by an automated system.

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4. Google’s Cloud Machine

Do you want your business to develop its own AI frameworks? Google’s Cloud Machine Learning Engine is the way to go. Of course, there’s also Amazon AWS’s SageMaker, IBM’s Watson Machine Learning and Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning Service to consider, too.

Your developers and data scientists can build and run superior machine learning models to help them improve things like operational efficiency.


5. TensorFlow

On the theme of Google’s Cloud Machine Learning Engine is TensorFlow. This tool is a symbolic math library for machine learning operations. Essentially, it’s an end-to-end open source machine learning platform.

Your developers can use the library to build and train machine learning models, deploying and testing them in the Cloud Machine Learning Engine. Models can include things like recognising places in photos, providing accurate search results, accurately identifying voices, and offering reliable language translations.


6. Fyle

Everyone seems to be talking about Fyle. Used by companies like Royal Enfield and Communicorp, this AI-powered tool is reinvigorating how we log, track and manage our expenses.

With perks like real-time data extraction, expense reporting, approval workflows and travel advances, you can transparently and efficiently keep up to date with the amass of expansible outgoings, without really having to lift a finger.


Step into the future of business

Humans are inherently creative. We’re energetic and innovative, and with enough time and space in our day, we can scratch our heads and tackle almost any problem.

Thanks to AI, we now have a smorgasbord of automation tools at our disposal. Heck, we can even build these tools ourselves with guided frameworks. Consequently, tedious tasks should no longer be performed by humans.

Humans should be innovating.

According to Accenture, AI technologies are predicted to increase workforce productivity by up to 40 percent. Imagine what your employees could do if they were 40 percent more productive.

Now, that’s a head scratcher.

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