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The future of AI: Q&A with Tata Consultancy

Posted by Ditto on Nov 6, 2019 9:52:15 AM

We consider ourselves innovators and disruptors in the AI industry. We look to collaborate and partner with other innovators and organisations who want to pioneer this industry. We were naturally thrilled to be asked to be a part of our strategic alliance partner Tata Consultancy Services’s latest newsletter. Our COO Dr Shefaly Yogendra was invited to sit down for a Q&A about Ditto and our services.

1.What problem does your company solve?

In technical terms, we solve the knowledge elicitation bottleneck in symbolic AI systems. In business terms, we solve the challenge of democratising access to expertise and knowledge, which often resides in tacit and unstructured forms in the heads of experienced professionals and experts, to enable and support decision-making in organisations. 

2. How do you solve it?

Our patent-protected approach elicits tacit and unstructured knowledge and codifies it in computable forms, accessible through plain language interaction with the knowledge base. The key benefit is that the knowledge is now more widely accessible which it may not have been before, and that it can be used more widely to support decision-making. 

3. Tell us what makes you unique.

Our US patent-protected elicitation and codification process is unique in that it does not codify the biases of the elicitor while it maps the expert's expertise. The process is guaranteed to deliver complete, correct and consistent outcomes when the knowledge base is queried, but more crucially with an audit trail and an explanation. Our offering thus solves the "black box" problem of machine learning led automation and AI systems.

4. Where have you done this before?

Ditto AI has a successful use case in RIO, the waste and resource management platform brought by our subsidiary Ditto Sustainability to a wide range of business users such as NHS Scotland, DS Smith, University of Kent. The platform enables the user organisations to track their compliance with a host of waste management regulations, and to use their data and expertise to inform their decisions. Further, we are developing solutions for the financial services industry and a platform called Ditto Tax with a vision to automate indirect and direct tax advisory functions. We also have built prototype use cases for diabetes and mental health. Ditto AI's approach is best suited to contexts which are highly regulated, and which do not tolerate errors well, i.e. are reliant on expertise and knowledge. 

At Ditto we are passionate about our content, our knowledge and in being explainable in all we do – you can find out more about us and our explainable AI products on our website.

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