Ditto (ˈdɪtəʊ) 1 n. the aforementioned; the above; the same; 2 inf. a duplicate; 3 adv. in the same way; 4 inf. used to avoid repeating or to confirm agreement with an immediately preceding sentence; 5 v.t. to copy; repeat


What’s in a name?

Well, in our case, just about everything. Ditto is close to our heart as a name that encapsulates what we’re all about.

Our focus is to capture human knowledge and to recreate human expertise perfectly. So you can be sure that any advice or recommendations you give are complete, consistent and correct every single time. Its associations with accuracy, replication and simplifying complexity, mean that Ditto embodies our very essence.

We’re a dynamic, innovative company at the leading edge of the fourth industrial revolution. Pioneering and integrating new technologies, Ditto’s here to offer enterprises a real difference. Our goal is to prepare you for, and help you make the most of, a near future. Where traditional knowledge-based sectors will become increasingly automated. Where businesses will seek to engage and transact with their customers in new ways. A near future where Artificial Intelligence could well hold sway.

As with any disruptive innovation, there will be challenges and preconceptions to overcome along the way. But if AI is managed responsibly – and with a safe pair of hands such as ours at the helm – we can all ditto that vision, can’t we?


Alan Aubrey


Rick Turner

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Denison-Pender

MD, Ditto Tax

Ian Armitage

Head of Software Development

Brian Flynn

Lead Developer

Aleks Obrazcova

Lead Developer

Steven Bone

Software Tester

Spiros Giannatos

Software Engineer

Mike Phillips

Software Engineer