Accredited, customisable and scalable online education designed to bring you and your organisation up to speed on Circular Economy, Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Health and Safety. Securely accessible wherever, whenever.



An interactive way to keep you up-to-date with the compliance regulations specific to your industry. Driven by deep knowledge of environmental law, AI helps you manage documentation and transparency in line with the cutting edge of environmental regulation.

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Data Analysis

Manage all of your sustainability data in one place, and let our transparent and trustworthy AI create detailed, actionable reports. Make the most of insights previously out of reach to increase efficiency, create sustainability strategies and promote environmental responsibility.


Empower with knowledge

Our CPD certified online courses feature multimedia, customisable content and provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to in-person training. Empowering yourself and your team with sustainability knowledge is the first step towards fostering understanding and real, long lasting, corporate change.



Environmental responsibility

Our ‘explainable AI’ platform has been equipped by legal professionals to cover over 150 pieces of circular economy law and counting. It can be trusted to make – and explain – compliance recommendations specific to your industry, highlighting laws relevant to your organisation and updating based on regulatory changes. Documentation, auditing and more can be automated and backed by real-life experts when required. 

Data Analysis

Make the most of your data

AI monitors and analyses data quicker and more accurately and reliably than a human could hope to. Automated, real time reporting and detailed analysis tells you whether you’re meeting KPIs and allows you to make informed cost-cutting decisions, respond to irregularities and increase your transparency as an organisation. Trustworthy AI helps you play your part in a responsible future.  

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What our customers say

Ditto Sustainability have managed to spot a real gap in the market and have developed a range of high quality tools that will benefit organisations of any scale across multiple sectors. Learning, Compliance and Data Management represent the cornerstone of effective sustainability strategy, we are therefore delighted to be working with the company to deliver a service which includes all of these components.

- Steve Gough, CEO, Valpak

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