Your future

Unlocking AI potential 

Imagine a world where AI could assist your work and free up your time from routine, but complex tasks, so you can devote that time to more productive and creatively rewarding activities.

Where AI is fully accountable and gives a detailed explanation and a clear audit trail with all the answers to your queries. 

Imagine AI that works with your existing systems and processes and can be deployed at the push of a button.

Now you can have all of this with Ditto AI’s explainable technology brought to you by Ditto X!

Your process

It's all in the detail

As a professional in a regulated or safety critical environment where errors are expensive and can cause harm to people or your business. You understandably have reservations about using “black box AI” no matter how magical the claimed outcome is.

As a specialist in law, compliance, conflict resolution, or process efficiency improvement, you want to be able to see the workings of that black box process.

Without verifying the workings, you cannot sign off on anything. Simple as that.

The solution

As unique as a snowflake 

If this is you, we at Ditto X bring you the AI solution to address your concerns with this game changing technology.

Our technology platform enables the automation of routine but complex decision-making. It provides outcomes that are correct, complete and consistent.

Crucially in a marked difference from how “black-box AI” works. Ditto AI’s solutions show their workings by providing you or your customers with an audit trail. You as an expert can check over the workings before you sign it all off with confidence. And your customers can get a deeper insight into why the system gave its recommendations and advice.

Ditto X introduces transparency, accountability and trust into your automation projects.

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How can an AI-first business model lead to an increase in profits for your business?

Simple: scalability - reach your growth potential faster and cost effectively. By being AI-first you can open the pathway to incredible future proof opportunities.