Ditto AI Introduction

Ditto AI - Introduction-1

What we do

Explainable AI

AI is often a black box: it’ll make a decision, but we are not told why. When a decision has major consequences, this causes a problem.

Our Explainable AI provides an audit trail and an explanation. This way, businesses and consumers can understand how an AI makes decisions, increasing trust, accountability, and accuracy for everyone.

What we do

Patented technology

Our platform technology is built on our patent-protected methodology that does things differently from "black box" AI. 

The methodology leads the market in its speed, efficiency and accuracy of capturing and representing human knowledge.

When AI makes an important decision, our technology provides the audit trail necessary to understand the ‘why’.

What we do

Improved business accountability

Our patented technology means that you can deploy AI across your business and make important decisions using AI technologies, without worrying about how the decision has been made. 

Our explainable AI lets you build consumer trust, business accountability and decision-making reliability. With auditability and explanation for every decision or recommendation you make.

Markets we serve

We specialise in providing artificial intelligence to organisations operating in regulated, safety-critical and error-intolerant environments. Our explainable AI interface doesn’t just give you answers. It also shows how it reaches a conclusion, with the reasons laid out in plain English terms that you can understand. It’s an expertise-driven helping hand for you and your customers.

Ditto Sustainability

Ditto Sustainability

CPD-certified, our learning platform provides content on all things sustainability. Manage the learning and development of your teams. Our compliance platform means your business will always be up-to-date on waste, energy, water and carbon legislation. The Circular Economy data management platform intelligently analyses data and generates reports, so you can make effective and efficient decisions.

Sustainability improves here ⟶
Ditto X

Ditto X

Ditto X is our technology platform that enables the automation of routine but complex decision-making. It provides outcomes that are correct, complete and consistent. Ditto X introduces transparency, accountability and trust into your automation projects.

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