AI: The future for your business

Are you thinking of investing in an AI business? There are some things you need to know.

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Why Ditto

We empower forward-looking companies to automate decision-making in a way that is accountable, transparent and ethical.


D: Differentiated

Our unique, human-friendly explainable AI stands out from the crowd.


I: Insightful

We reveal the insights behind good business decisions.


T: Transparent

You’ll always know how a recommendation has been made with clear audit trails.


T: Trustworthy

We're building trustworthy AI for a responsible future. Our technology communicates in plain English.


O: Open

Our AI uses architecture that integrates with internal and external data sources.

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AI: Agile Innovation

Explainable AI is here to serve your needs as a modern, responsible business.

6 business benefits of AI
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AI is not new but it is rapidly changing

In the corporate environment AI is going through a period of rapid growth and change, Ditto is committed to developing and deploying explainable AI in businesses globally. 

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Markets we serve

We specialise in providing artificial intelligence to organisations operating in regulated, safety-critical and error-intolerant environments. Our explainable AI interface doesn’t just give you answers. It also shows how it reaches a conclusion, with the reasons laid out in plain English terms that you can understand. It’s an expertise-driven helping hand for you and your customers.

Ditto Sustainability

Ditto Sustainability

Empowering present and future generations with the knowledge to improve the environments in which we live and work. Our vision is to be the new standard in sustainability software, education and advisory services; making the acquisition of sustainability knowledge more cost effective, inspirational and accessible.

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Ditto X

Ditto X

Ditto X is our technology platform that enables the automation of routine but complex decision-making. It provides outcomes that are correct, complete and consistent. Ditto X introduces transparency, accountability and trust into your automation projects.

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What our customers say

I have found it indispensable in my work. The Ditto software automatically splits out the code from the elicitation – this is huge value add for me in my job. This is knowledge representation at its best – the graphs are much better than traditional formats of showing this information.

- DR, Technical Sales Consultant, HNC Software

How can an AI-first business model lead to an increase in profits for your business?

Simple: scalability - reach your growth potential faster and cost effectively. By being AI-first you can open the pathway to incredible future proof opportunities.